11 Ways to Learn to Code for Free! Online and Mobile

I taught myself to build websites while working full time as a middle school teacher. Needless to say, funds were limited, and at times I was worried I would exhaust all of my low-cost/free online options before I felt like I had a solid understanding of basic web development!

Lucky for me, and many other beginners, there are tons of free resources that when used in tandem with each other, make for a pretty solid web development foundation!

Three years later, and I’ve learned tons about how to build beautiful, responsive websites. And you know what? I did it for (mostly) free!

I’m excited to share some of the resources I’ve used to learn to code for free and some I’ve wanted to use but never got around to!

I’ve included:

  • Website links
  • Types of platforms (online, mobile, MOOC)
  • Many of the concepts each resource covers!

A few key terms I will use:

Online: This indicates that the platform is only online and does not have a mobile version.

Mobile: This indicates that the platform has a mobile version.

MOOCS: Massive Online Open Courses

MOOCS are platforms that consolidate tons of (free) open courses from universities into content categories for the public to use! Using a MOOC is a great way to gain access to specific higher education courses that interest you!

Let’s get started!

Online Resources

Free Code Camp (Online)

CodeCademy (Online)

Code Combat (Online)

LearnPython (Online)

Learn-HTML (Online)

Online and Mobile Resources

Youtube (Online and Mobile)

SoloLearn (Online and Mobile)


edX (MOOC)

ClassCentral (MOOC)

Coursera (MOOC)

Alison (MOOC)

If you’re new to coding, or just looking for new ways to learn, hopefully these tools will help you out! I know they definitely helped me! Do you have any other free resources that have helped you learn to code?!

Comment below!

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