12 Eco-Friendly Items from Dollar Tree!

If you’re like me and want to reduce one-time-use product waste and live more sustainably (and on a budget), you’ll be excited to learn that you can buy Eco-Friendly Items from Dollar Tree! I used to be an avid Dollar Tree shopper but once I realized how many one-time-use/disposable products I was buying, I knew something had to change. Luckily, I found that I could live more sustainably and still shop at my favorite store! Here are my Top 12 Eco-Friendly Items from Dollar Tree!

Cleaning Supplies

1. Copper Scrubbers

Copper Scrubber

Unlike sponges, Copper Scrubbers can be recycled! These are perfect for all of your post-cooking, pot-scrubbing needs. They last for months, and as soon as you’re finished with them, toss them into the recycling bin – not the trash!

2. Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber towels and washcloths are the perfect substitutes for paper towels and napkins. I love using these in the kitchen when I’m cleaning my counters and table.

I also have a separate set to use when I take my makeup off! It probably isn’t news to anyone that microfiber cloths with a little face wash somehow magically removes all makeup! It’s AMAZING! I don’t have to use cotton pads with makeup remover anymore to take off the days makeup.

3. Cleaner Concentrate

Cleaner Concentrate

Using concentrated cleaner allows you to buy a small bottle (that can be recycled!), mix it with water and have up to 50 gallons of cleaner! Making cleaner from concentrate helps to minimize the storage space needed AND reduces the need to buy bottle after bottle of cleaner once they run out. Make sure to use a reusable spray bottle to assist you in your cleaning!

4. Reusable Spray Bottle

Reusable Spray Bottle

Speaking of reusable spray bottles, Dollar Tree has tons! These can be used to homemade cleaners, cleaners from concentrate, water, or anything else that you may need to spray. Other uses for a reusable spray bottle:

  • Homemade cleaner
  • Homemade shampoo/conditioner
  • Watering succulents/plants

Personal/Self Care

1. Microfiber Face Towels/Scrubbers

Microfiber Face Scrubber

Instead of disposable makeup remover wipes, use these face scrubbers to remove every last bit of makeup! Use with water, or a bit of your face cleaner to remove ALL of your makeup in an instant! I love that these are super small, and their packaging is recyclable!

2. Bar Soap

Bar Soap

Bar soap in a cardboard box takes the cake over soap that comes in bottles! Less waste, with just as much cleaning power! The cardboard box is recyclable and once you’re done with the bar, there isn’t any waste to dispose of!

3. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Everyone knows that Baking Soda is the ultimate cleaner. Use it for cleaning pretty much anything, brightening laundry and making your refrigerator smell super fresh! You can use baking soda instead of harsh chemicals to ensure an eco-friendly clean. Once you’re done, recycle the box!

4. Travel Containers for Liquids

Travel Container

What’s better than buying a small version of your favorite shampoo, body wash and conditioner for a trip? Not having to buy a small version of your favorite shampoo, body wash, and conditioner! These travel bottle sets are a travel must-have – just fill them, use them, wash them and repeat.

Kitchen Goods

1. Food Storage

Food Storage

Whether you’re like me and aspire to meal prep or actually are a responsible adult and meal prep, then you definitely use reusable food storage containers. Dollar Tree has a great selection of Betty Crocker brand, as well as other BPA free options. Definitely worth checking out!

2. Reusable Silverware

Reusable Silverware

Along the lines of reusable storage containers, take it to the next level with reusable silverware! These brightly colored plastic forks and spoons are a fun way to reduce your waste at lunch. They are heavy-duty, and feel super sturdy in your hands, I love my pink set!

3. Mason Jars

Mason Jar

Who doesn’t love a classic mason jar? I love using mason jars to hold a beverage as opposed to a plastic or paper cup. These jars are so cute, and have handles, which make them even more appealing to those of us who are a little clumsy! Dollar tree also has mason jars with lids, which work perfectly for additional food storage!

4. Glassless Candles

Glassless Candles

I love burning candles, but I hate having jars left over when the candle has fully burned. Dollar tree has a large assortment of glassless candles, which means I can purchase just the candle and place it in my favorite candleholder! I love being able to reuse my holders!

Final Thoughts

I love shopping at Dollar Tree, and now that I’ve been working to reduce my one-time-use items, I can make sure I shop smarter! Some of the products listed above do come with packaging that may be considered “waste”, but I feel much better about being able to recycle the packaging and also use the products for months on end.

Do you have any other eco-friendly items on the list? Comment below!

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