3 Tips to Increase Productivity!

This year was pretty busy for me! Between working full time, a part-time curriculum writing job and building this platform, I was always working on something! I found that I was able to increase my productivity and reduce stress by making a few minor changes to my work day. It can be exhausting to work all day without taking time for yourself. That way of life causes burnout!

Here are 3 changes I made to increase my productivity and reduce the risk of burnout when I’m working at home or at the office!

1. Schedule breaks – big or small

One thing I find helpful in staying productive and reducing stress is scheduling in break times. The nice thing about planned breaks is that I have something to look forward to while I’m working!

I have two ways of scheduling breaks depending on how busy I am or how in the zone I am!

I schedule breaks based on a time frame:

"I'll work for 30 minutes and then take a 5 minute break."

Or I schedule breaks based on tasks accomplished:

"I'll finish this blog post graphic and then take a 7 minute break."

Here are a few breaks I like to schedule in my work day to be as productive as possible in between them!

Short breaks are 10 minutes or less, and long breaks can be as long as 40 minutes!

Short Break: Grab a healthy snack

If I’m at work, I usually leave a bag of carrots or pop chips in the kitchen! This way, I can physically get out of my desk chair and walk over to the kitchen! It gives me a little break from my computer, and then I enjoy part of my snack in a chair by the window!

If I’m at home, same thing! I usually have grapes or trail mix in the kitchen that I can munch on!

P.S. Coffee is totally a healthy snack IMO. So if that’s what you’re looking to make on your break, do it!

Short Break: 5 minutes of Social Media

TBH taking a Social Media break might not sound like the most productive thing, but that’s ok! It’s your break!

I try to schedule a few 5 minute social media breaks throughout the day because it gives me a mental break!

If social media isn’t for you, I suggesting reading! Have a book at your desk or somewhere near by to reduce your eye strain and give your brain a break!

Long Break: Take a walk

This one is pretty simple! I love scheduling at least one 30 minute walk each day. If I’m at home, this could be around town or through a park!

If I’m at work, I usually will spend 30 minutes just walking around outside and grabbing a juice or something from a local shop!

The fresh air really energizes me and gets me ready to be productive once again!

If you can’t take a 30 walk every day, that’s ok! Even 10 minutes makes a huge difference!

2. Find tasks you love

Finding tasks I love is something I do while I’m working on a project or blog post! When I’m working, I usually have some sort of task tracker – if I’m at work I use Trello, and if I’m blogging I use a good ole’ pen and paper!

Then, I take a few minutes to figure out which tasks I really enjoy doing!

  • Creating graphics
  • Writing content
  • Optimizing SEO

Once I break up my tasks for the day, I arrange them so that I have a few tasks I love to work on scattered throughout. Rather than saving them all for the end of my to-do list, strategically placing those tasks in between other tasks gives me something to look forward to throughout the day!

My day will go from looking like this:

  • Check emails
  • Respond to emails
  • Check in with engineers on product status
  • Build and edit product presentations
  • Create graphics
  • Write content
  • Optimize SEO

To this:

  • Check emails
  • Respond to emails
  • Create graphics
  • Check in with engineers on product status
  • Write content
  • Build and edit product presentations
  • Optimize SEO

Now I have tasks to look forward to throughout the day! They are super fun for me to work on, so it feels like I’m not actually working! This method helps me to maintain my energy and reduce my burn out!

3. Instagram’s activity monitor

One of the best tools I stumbled upon while updating my Instagram settings is the Activity Monitor. Instagram has a new feature where you can set a specific time allotment for your use on the platform!

The time monitor tracks any time you spend on Instagram, whether its creating posts, liking and/or commenting, and notifies you when you’ve reached your limit!

Rather than using Instagram mindlessly for X amount of time, I use it for 2 minutes here, 5 minutes there, making sure I don’t spend too much time scrolling when I could be getting work done!

Setting up Instagrams activity monitor

Here’s how to set up Instagram’s Activity monitor! I love this tool because it allows me to spend my time on Instagram wisely.

Select the 3 lines to go to your preferences.

Go to “Your Activity”

Select “Set Daily Reminder”

Note: My daily average used to be 1hr 30min! It took me a few weeks to 
decrease my time by more than half!

Click “Edit Reminder”

Select the amount of time you’d like to spend on Instagram.

Note: Make your goal reasonable! Try to decrease your time by 10-15 minutes in the first week. Then, decrease again by another 10 minutes the 
following week!

And viola! You’ve created an activity monitor on Instagram!

I hope my tips have inspired you to make a few changes in your work day! They’ve made me more excited and energized throughout the day, increasing my productivity ten-fold!

What are your strategies for staying productive and reducing stress/burnout?!

Comment below!

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