5 Minutes a Day to Learn to Code – LRN

I am sooo excited to start on my JavaScript journey! I feel like I’ve gotten pretty quick at building single and multipage webpages, and I am ready to kick it up a notch!

I’m excited to share with you my Ultimate Teach Yourself to Code in 5 Minutes a Day hack.


One of my favorite things about coding is that there is ALWAYS something to learn. And this is something I love to use in addition to Youtube, Codecademy.com, etc.

And this is a FREE – I repeat – FREE way to practice your coding skills anywhere you want!

When I say ‘anywhere you want’ I mean LITERALLY anywhere (read: subway, bus, bed, on a farm, at a concert).

Because it’s a mobile App.

Introducing LRN:


The DUOLINGO of the Computer Science world.

I shit you not when I say this app is AMAZING and more importantly…


some screenshots from my phone lol.



I mean, c’mon – look how awesome this is!

I’ve used this to brush up and stay sharp on my HTML and CSS skills, as well as to maintain my momentum as I teach myself JavaScript! It’s so convenient!

Topics you’ll find on LRN:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • RUBY

AND each topic is broken down into LESSONS.



Each lesson takes 5-10 minutes.

5-10 minutes!

I spend more time picking at my cuticles.

Think about what you could learn if you used 5-10 minutes of your Instagram scroll time on LRN.




LRN for iPhone/iPad: Click Here

in production for Android users!

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