3 AWESOME IndieGoGo Tech Gadgets


One of my favorite things to do when I’m procrastinating taking a break from work is to go to Indiegogo.com and check out their latest tech launches!

For those of you who don’t know, IndieGoGo is a crowdsourcing platform for new and innovative technologies!

Innovators can get funding from both the community and VC investors. Once an idea has been fully funded, the innovators then start to produce their products. It’s super cool!

My favorite place to explore on IndieGoGo is the Marketplace – a place where all of the fully funded, post-production products are available! I always feel inspired and excited when browsing, all of these products have been thought up by people just like you and me! It’s awesome.

I decided to productively procrastinate by sharing a few of the cool inventions I’ve seen recently!

Note: These opinions are all my own – I am in no way affiliated with indieGoGo. Just a passionate tech lover!

WonderCube Pro


This little 1″ x 1″ cube is not a fidget cube despite what I originally thought you may think. The WonderCube Pro is an all-in-one charger, flash drive, micro USB port, memory storage, emergency charger, phone stand, flashlight, etc. Basically everything anyone needs to live in the modern day.

This little thing packs a big punch. It even has an emergency charger that uses a real-life battery to pump juice into your phone. I truly feel like The WonderCube Pro could be the solution to all the cords and random flash drives I have surrounding my desk!

Plus, it’s so darn cute!

Check out more of the WonderCube Pro features below!

Why it’s awesome:

The WonderCube Pro is perfect for anyone who is looking to try out new tech gadgets which may ultimately make life a little more organized! It comes with a handy-dandy key ring which allows you to keep it on your keychain!

I also feel like this would be the perfect give for:

A) Someone who is always asking to borrow your phone charger or USB Flash Drive

B) A person that travels a lot and doesn’t want to carry a million gadgets

C) Anyone who carries a purse/backpack/fanny pack/Indiana Jones side bag on a daily basis

D) All of the above Read: Me

I’m putting the WonderCube Pro on my birthday wishlist ASAP (Any other Aries out there?! Comment below!)

Current price: $45.00 USD + Shipping

Click here to check out the Wonder Cube Pro!

Cubinote Smart Sticky Note Printer


Ok, this thing is just plain awesome and I NEED one at my desk immediately. The Cubinote Smart Sticky Note Printer prints anything you want from your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. via wifi or Bluetooth right onto an adorable, brightly colored sticky note! Anything you can get on your camera or laptop can be printed on this thing! You can print sticky notes of your handwritten ideas, drawings, or print document outlines that you’ve taken from the internet!


And while the website has the dimensions in mm, I have used my scientific skills to determine that this cube is 4.72in x 4.72 in x 3.15in. WHICH IS SMALLER THAN MY PAD OF STICKY NOTES!

Ugh. I cannot. This thing is amazing.

Check out more of the Cubinote Smart Sticky Note Printer features below!

Why it’s awesome:

I feel like this is perfect for notes or ideas you’ll want to reference over and over again! I’m thinking work method guidelines, list of deadlines, phone numbers to screen, outlines, quotes, etc. Or just print selfies with your dog. All of these are valid!

Ok, you might be asking ‘what about ink?!’.

Well, get ready to have your socks knocked off! The Cubinote Smart Stick Note Printer uses thermal printing technology to print on your note!

Are you kitten me right meow?!

This means no ink. Just good ole’ heat printing to bring your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams to life.

These are the sticky notes of the future. P.S. They are biodegradable. #ecofriendly

Current Price: $134.00 USD + FREE SHIPPING!

Click here to check out the Cubinote Smart Sticky Note Printer

Atmotube 2.0: The Portable Air Pollution Monitor


I feel like the Atmotube is one of those gadgets you’d see on the Jetsons. It’s ahead of our time. The Atmotube is an air quality detector and phone application that notifies you when the air quality is less than ideal!

This tiny tube can sense air pollutants such as:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Smoke
  • Allergens
  • Benzene
  • Acetone (nail polish remover)
  • The list goes on and on!

PLUS it’s smaller than a tube of lipstick. Just hang it off of your purse/backpack/fanny pack/Indiana Jones side bag and you’re all set!

Why it’s awesome:

If you’re sensitive to smoke or allergens (like my sister) this is the perfect tool to keep on hand. All you have to do is substitute one of your social media sessions with a Atmotube app sesh and you’re on your way to breathing healthier air!

And if you’re like me and went to college where the air quality gives you allergies even if you never had them before, (Go, Ags!) this would have been the perfect tool to ensure I loaded up on Allegra before I headed off to class.

P.S. The Atmotube tracks air humidity so you’ll know when it’s time to rock a ponytail!

Current Price: $99.00 USD + Shipping

Click here to check out the Atmotube 2.0!

Like I mentioned before, each of these product reviews are based off of my initial impressions of these gadgets, I make zero money off of them and I don’t actually own them (though my birthday is in April so it’s not totally off the table!) I just love spending time on IndieGoGo getting inspired by all of the cool ideas that have been brought to life by the community and a little corporate funding.

If you currently have a project on IndieGoGo that needs funding, comment the link below! I’d love to check it out and share it!

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