Botanium: The Urban Gardren Solution

As a gardening enthusiast I love being able to grow things that I can actually eat. When I lived with my parents, I grew tomatoes and lemons, which I used in salads or in other dishes.

Now that I live in a big city, with no room to garden in sight, I long for the ability to grow fresh produce to use in my meals!

I’ve tried to grow plants on my own in my walk-up apartment, but soil bags are big and dirty and I don’t have any place to keep them! So I decided to search for an alternative to growing plants in soil.

Here we are, people. The answer to my prayers! A way to grow herbs, spices and small veggies in my small apartment – without any soil!

Botanium: An Overview

Plants need three things to grow:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Nutrients/Oxygen

The Botanium has figured out how to provide all of these things without the mess of a regular garden! With no soil needed, The Botanium uses hydroponics or watering by using water-retaining materials (read: without use of soil), to ensure that the plant is always watered at the right rate. Say goodbye to soil/water stains on your table!

It also recycles the water, so you don’t have to worry about watering it all the time!

Botanium: How it works

Once you receive your Botanium, you get a few things:

  • Botanium
  • Nutrients
  • Hydroponic materials (rock type things that hold water)

Then, you’re ready to set it up! Just add your Hydroponic materials, seeds and nutrients to your Botanium, fill the pump with water, and forget about it!

Once it’s plugged in, the automatic watering system ensures that its watered three times a day, so you don’t have to!

And like I said, water is recycled, so you rarely have to add water!

Botanium: Why it’s awesome

Honestly, this thing not only looks like it’s straight out of Wall-E (it’s giving me EVE vibes), but it takes up literally no space. I feel like the Bontaium on its own is so sleek and cool looking that I could leave it anywhere in my house and it would look amazing.

Plus, it doesn’t make a mess. Win Win!

Who this would be perfect for

I feel like the Botanium would be perfect to literally anyone who wants to garden, but more specifically:

  • People who live in apartments
  • People without backyards
  • People who travel a lot and cannot water plants weekly
  • People who love the idea of gardening but don’t like a mess

I also feel like the Botanium would be perfect for people who accidentally kill every plant they’ve ever owned. Lol.

Final Thoughts

With my birthday coming up(hello, April) I know exactly what I’m asking for. The sleek design and lack of mess it makes will allow the Botanium to earn a spot on my kitchen table. I cannot wait to grow either basil or chilis to spice up my food!

Do you like to garden?! What are you growing right now?! Comment below!

Check out IndieGoGos The Botanium Page to purchase!

Or buy directly from The Botanium website.

brb heart melting.

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