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If I’m being honest,  I got the idea to build a website when I was watching an episode of Project Runway. I was cracked out on caffeine grading papers and got a glimmer of inspiration watching the designers create beautiful works of art from literally nothing. 

Building a website seemed like a magical idea where I’d create a site for my students that would help them understand and learn science.

I had always wanted to build my kiddos a website, but between finishing my Masters Thesis and maintaining my sanity balancing work and life, I felt like it was impossible.

But as I watched those designers take pieces of zebra print velvet and turn them into Avant Garde dresses for Fashion week, I felt like it was time for me to take the leap.

Getting Started:

The more I thought about it, the more I researched and drank coffee – and came to the realization that most of the books and tutorials I could buy/read were written for people who knew basic computer functions.

Read: Not me.

Everything I read started with Here’s How to start coding your website.


But where do I write this code?!?!

I was v confused.1ez94i.jpg

Luckily I walked into one of my middle school’s computer classes, where they were also starting to build websites cool they’re 11 and gonna be making like three times my salary in 7 years.

They were using something called a code editor.


Hallelujah. Now I know where to start.

This began my search for the perfect code editor – and three years later I still change it up from time to time.

But here are my top picks for code editors(Read: where you start to type your code):

Code Editors:

1. Brackets download (2).jpeg

My ride or die. My number one. Brackets is my OG code editor. It’s where I built my first website and I low-key love it even though it doesn’t have all of the features of more complex editors.

my first website!

If you’re looking for a simple code editor to get started, this is for you! 

 Brackets Website

Note: You have to download it to your desktop to start using it!!

2. Visual Studio Code 2 


Compared to Brackets, Visual Studio Code is pretty much the Kylie Cosmetics of code editors. It’s full of color and allows me to organize my files a lot easier than I was able to with Brackets. 

I feel like this editor is much more powerful than Brackets and has more plug-ins!

Visual Studio Website

Note: You have to download it to your desktop to start using it!!



ATOM is made by Github (I didn’t learn about Github until about a year into coding but I would definitely recommend checking it out!)

This means it is super compatible with Github, and you have an easy to access panel to make commits and changes to your code!

It does the same things as the other code editors (Read: You can write stuff) but some people really love it. Maybe you will too!

Atom Website

Note: You have to download it to your desktop to start using it!!

TL;DR The hardest part of starting was figuring out where to put my code even before I started writing it.

Choosing a Code Editor is like choosing a wine bar based on Yelp reviews.
They all get the job done but some people love certain ones and some people like others!

Try a few out and see what you like!

What’s your favorite or OG code editor?



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