Guilty Pleasures ft. AI

I’ve gotten my Amazon ordering abilities down to three clicks and i’m done – everything I need for the week – snacks, face masks and toilet paper.

It couldn’t get any better.

Or could it?


I hear this term a lot – “artificial intelligence”, or AI.

I know ‘artificial’ means ‘fake’ (like my nails in 8th grade) and intelligence means ‘smarts’ (like my decision to never wear them again). Seems simple enough, right?


Artificial intelligence is a technology that is designed to detect patterns and learn about whatever information is passed through it. It then uses what it learns to predict and suggest more intelligent content.

As I made my three click Amazon purchase, Amazon’s AI was learning(wut) which snacks I liked, how quickly I went through face masks and roughly how long a 12 pack of toilet paper lasts in my apartment.

Not even my boyfriend knows that I go though three bags of Goldfish a week, or that my skin isn’t naturally glowing!

But AI knows. It’s learned my secrets.

And now it suggests even better Korean face masks and my skin looks better than ever.

Thanks, robots.

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