How I lost 5lbs ft. Machine Learning

My boyfriend and I decided to give up alcohol for the month of June – he lost 15 lbs and I gained 8.

WHAT/WHY/HOW?!?!?! I asked myself as I ate leftover pizza for the third day in a row.

A little self reflection led me to the realization that we redirected our hefty alcohol funds to eating out at restaurants.

Holy shit we used to drink a lot.

I digress.

I knew this steady weight gain needed to not only stop ASAP but I needed to get back to my normal healthy(ish) self!

My workout routine stayed the same: dailydoggym.jpg walking to my car yoga and running.

It was time to start cooking and eating at home.

My current cooking skills are limited to the “5 ingredient recipes” I learned in college – most of them were some iteration of: eggs, cheese, turkey, tortillas, salsa.

But as I’ve gotten older, my tastes buds have become more refined than my Spotify playlists.

I wanted to Project Runway this weight loss and MAKE. IT. WORK.

Thanks to intense research(read: Google) I found my personal diet plan new favorite recipe app: Yummly.


This app is freaking cray cray in the best way.

It has Patent-pending Food Intelligence Technology  that learns(!!!) about your preferences and then recommends the best recipes for you.

And that sounds pretty #legit.

All I had to do was:

  • indicate what type of food I like(read: all Italian, Mediterranean, Greek)
  • select my cooking level(first year college student intermediate)
  • add any foods I didn’t like (lookin’ at you, beets)

There was also a few options I didn’t use because I’m lazy af they didn’t apply to me.

  • diet restrictions
  • allergies


I shit you not but the answer was: yes.

The more I used this app, the more it learned(!!!!!!) about what types of recipes I wanted to try!

There were successes the past few weeks: Chicken Tikka Masala and Breakfast Bakes

And a few fails: Three-Ingredient Pancakes (Note: Purely chef errors)

But the biggest success of all was being able to fit in my jeans when they came


And if that isn’t a #win, I don’t know what is.

Get Yummly here.


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