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The first time I dyed my hair blonde I was an angsty 13 year old – and did it myself.

I have dark brown hair, it did not go well.

I bought a box of L’oreal Blonde Semi-Permanent dye, skimmed through the directions, and dove in.

“Not intended for dark brown hair” ?!


Plastic oversized gloves? Check.

Bowl mixed with an unknown ratio of dye and developer? Yup.

One of my favorite Avril Lavine tees that I forgot to put a towel over? You betcha.


My hair turned out brassier than my cheap toe rings.


I guess there’s a reason for rules – but it helps to know why.

Fast forward ten years and many more attempts at DIY hair color to when I wanted to build a website.

I downloaded Brackets and started writing my first bits of code.

I clicked ‘Save’ and named the file MyFirstAttemptWOO

not sure how I got a Master’s at 24 but I digress.

I was SO EXCITED to see all of my hard work load as a webpage!

More excited than when my mom told me I could start wearing black mascara instead of clear.

I went to my Finder and clicked on Desktop.

Then I selected MyFirstAttemptWOO.

And the only thing that happened was Brackets opening up.

Mocking me.


Anyone with some degree of basic computer science knowledge would’ve known why.

Alas, I did not.


I looked back at some examples from notes I took while watching a few Youtube videos.

File Name: index.html wasn’t just a suggestion

It was a requirement to make my code go live.



Let me break it down for you.

When you write code in your code editor it’s pretty much you writing a Word Document.

It’s just a bunch of text that may or may not make some sense just like my life choices.

The magic happens when you save it as a .html

More specifically index.html

It’s your way of telling your computer that

.html translates all of your text into an actual webpage and not just some drunk message you send your best friend at 3am.

index.html let’s your computer know that this file is the main file.

Not just some side piece file that has some pretty colors and thick fonts.


More on that later.



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