Is Netflix Tracking my Period? And other Concerns.

Time to come clean: I use the ‘thumbs up’ feature on Netflix. My heart hopes that my input causes Netflix to suggest something new to stop me from watching Parks and Rec for the 12th 2nd time, but my brain knows that Netflix would’ve suggested the same things for me with or without my input.

I guess Netflix is just smarter than I am. It knows more about me than I know about myself.

Is Netflix my therapist?







I digress.

Therapist or not, I wanted to know more about how Netflix created its ‘suggestions’ that I would inevitably not watch.

My input and tv series binges caused Netflix to learn something about me and my preferences, right?! Is it that simple?!

Apparently it was that simple, but times have changed and so has my hair color.

Upon further investigation, I learned that Netflix nests even deeper into my soul, and learns exactly what trailer image will catch my short little attention span. WUT.

Now I don’t even need to watch the trailers. Netflix has picked the 1-second image curated enough to make me click. Read more here.

The title of the article, “Selecting the Best Artwork for Videos through A/B testing” was followed by a claim that this was a “10 minute read”. Well jokes on them, I only spent about 14 seconds skimming through.

Did I just prove their point?



Turns out, Netflix knows even more about me than my therapist does!


And now for the obvious question. The question so critical that I may or may not have texted my boyfriend and gotten nothing but silence because he was obviously so overwhelmed by the complexity of the question.

I ask: Does Netflix track my period?

Hear me out, people. Is it just me or am I seeing more emotion-filled trailer images during the beginning of the month?!

Is that why I can’t turn down a movie with a dog in the image – even though the movie has nothing to do with the dog?!

Does this mean I can delete my period tracking app??

Idk how I feel right now.

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