The Job Search: Applications

The job search is such a crazy time! From narrowing in on your dream company to crafting the perfect cover letter, it can be overwhelming. In my job search I’ve realized I want to work for an Education Tech Company, in a non-technical role. I want to combine my passions for education with the power of technology!

Now that I’ve figured out which types of jobs I am looking for, it’s time to get applying!

Check out my post on First Steps of Any Job Search if you’re just getting started!

Here are tips I’ve used to keep me motivated during the application process!

1. Set a daily goal

So far in my job search, I’ve redesigned and updated my resume. I’ve also created an ongoing list of 15-20 companies I want to work for, along with links to specific job openings at each. Now it’s time to get cracking!

My daily goal right now is four applications per day.

Increasing application efficiency

To make my four application goal super efficient, I’ve created a Google Doc with the bare bones of a cover letter for the different types of positions I am applying for!

This is one of the reasons I am super glad I narrowed in on the types of positions I want. I have three templates – one for each of the three position types I am looking for, and they all have lots of room for modification!

One important key in writing cover letters is to make them specific to the company, not just a generic template sent to everyone! That’s why I create a template with fill-in-the-blank spaces to add something specific to the company!

2. Track applications

Because I have a spreadsheet of jobs that I want to apply for, I’ve added a column to indicate my application status!

There are a few labels I will give to the status of my application.

  • Not yet applied
  • Messaged recruiter (date)
  • Application started (date)
  • Application submitted (date)

This helps me to keep track of my progress!

Once I start hearing back from companies, I will add another column to my spreadsheet that will indicate the response:

  • Pending
  • Next stage invitation (date)
  • Job offer
  • Rejected

I’ve done this before with past job searches and it has really helped to keep track of which positions I need to follow up with and which ones I can stop thinking about!

This strategy also keeps me from having to go back through my email to figure out which applications I need to start my next steps for!

And to make your life even easier, I’ve created a Job Application Tracker Freebie! Download below!

3. Don’t give up!

Navigating the job search can be a trying time. You can’t help but feel a little nervous after hitting ‘submit’, seeing all of your hard work fly into the universe/hands of a recruiter and waiting for a response.

A few days go by, no response. Maybe a week or two go by, with no response. It’s easy to get discouraged. And to take it personally. But it happens to everyone!

Just remember, timing is everything! You could be the perfect candidate, but a company is in the process of negotiating an offer with someone who had applied months before you.

You could also be the perfect candidate for a future job opening at your dream company.

These facts make the submission-to-response wait time super rough!

And then, just like that, a week or two after your first application, you might just start to get responses! Some positive responses, and some responses where the universe is telling you it wasn’t the right fit!

Just remember, don’t give up! Your dream job is just around the corner!


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