Makeup Brush Cleaner

I see The Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner all over social media. I see videos of before and after photos of makeup artist brushes, going from completely saturated with pigment to pristine clean. It seems like a good idea, but it also seems a bit gimmicky and too good to be true.

Despite my hesitation, when my sister asked for it for Christmas, I went on Amazon and found one just like the ones she saw on the ‘Gram.

And now I get to review it for you! I’m secretly hoping this thing is a WIN!


And to begin, I present to you a semi-worrysome photo for those in the makeup community.

Feast your eyes on an actual picture of my eyeshadow brushes.

This may or may not be months weeks of unwashed makeup on my brushes. And the thing is, I know its gross. It’s actually very gross. But tbh whenever I need to do my makeup my brushes are dirty and I don’t have time to wash and wait for them to dry!

So let’s hope that the Makeup Brush Cleaner, which promises to wash and dry my brushes in 30 seconds is the solution to my probably-eye-infection-causing makeup brushes.


There is an excessive amount of brush attachments in the box IMO. WHO HAS THAT MANY BRUSH SIZES?! I sure don’t.

I think the range of Brush Attachments could fit anything from a thin eyeliner brush to a thick kabuki brush! So cool!

Besides the 8 Brush Attachments, the box came with a few other components:

  • Cleaning bowl
  • Brush Attachment stand
  • Rose Gold makeup brush spinner
  • Micro USB charger
  • Instructions which I did not read


What I love about the Rechargeable Makeup Brush Cleaner is that its setup is pretty intuitive. As someone who is firmly against reading any sort of directions, I very much appreciate this fact.

Brush Spinner Setup

The set up is simple – choose your brush, fit it to the correct size Brush Attachment, and insert both of those into the Brush Spinner!

The smaller Brush Attachment fit my eyeshadow brush perfectly and I slid the end of my eyeshadow brush into it. It was super snug!

Then, I inserted the end of the Brush Attachment into the Brush Spinner.

All set!

Brush Bowl Setup

I used my deduction skills to determine that the Brush Bowl was to hold the water and soap I was going to use to clean my brushes. I added a pea sized amount of cleaner (read: gentle hand soap) and warm water into the bowl until it was about 3/4 full.

And that’s it! I was ready to take it for a literal spin.


Now for the fun part. The cleaning!

I placed my brush – all of the bristles and about 1″ of the brush handle, into the water. Then, I pressed and held down the back button to get it started.

To get it started, you have to hold down the power button for about 3 seconds. But once it got going, it really got going.

My brush was creating a super foamy water vortex within the Brush Bowl. I had a little too much fun moving the brush in different directions creating new wave patterns in the water.

One satisfying albeit disgusting byproduct of the Brush Washing cycle is seeing all of the months of leftover eyeshadow (and let’s be real, probably skin cells too) flying off into the water. It slowly went from a slightly opaque white color to a hard core blush pink.


After about 15 seconds of playing around washing my brushes, I slowly lifted the spinning brush out above the surface of the water. Now for the awesome part. I let my brush spin in the bowl above the water for 15 seconds – 100% sure it wouldn’t dry it fully.

But I was 100% wrong. My brush came out dry and ready to use!

Let’s take a look at the before and after, shall we?


This honestly looks like a solid mass of compressed eyeshadow pigments. I can barely make out the individual bristles! Yum.


The light pink fluffy bristles have been returned to their original state and I have literal heart eyes right now.

Is this real life?! This is all I had to do!?


And now for pictures of all three of my brushes before and after cleaning.



Notice the newly pink water. It’s holding not only months of eyeshadow and dead skin cells but also all of my insecurities and regrets(lol).

Time to send those down the drain!

Final Thoughts

Alright, for the price point of $24.95, I can get behind the Rechargeable Makeup Brush Cleaner. Especially if it will help me prevent any sort of eye or skin infection!

It was so easy to set up, no directions required! Just make sure you charge it beforehand so you’re not left like my little sister who thought it was broken for the past 4 months.

If you’re interested in checking out the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner, I’ll link it here.

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Note: This post is NOT sponsored in any way, and the opinions are all my own!

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