My Morning Routine

I’ve always been a creature of habit – when I was in Elementary and Middle school I would get ready in the same order:

Get dressed, brush hair, put hair into a pony tail, eat breakfast, brush teeth.

every. single. day.

Then I’d make my lunch, which also was the same every day (by choice): salami and cheese sandwich, chips and fruit. And I’d love it

every. single. day.

Nowadays, my morning routine looks a bit different, but it is a routine nonetheless.

One thing I love about having a morning routine is that it acts as my morning meditation.

Why? Because I know what order I am going to do everything in, so my brain can be clear and relaxed! 

I love it.

And here’s how it goes.

Routine Part 1: Making my Oatmeal and Coffee


  1. I bring my Mug(for my oatmeal) and my Travel Mug(for my coffee) to the kitchen – which is always empty, yippee!
  2. I add Instant Oatmeal ~ a quarter cup to my ‘You Do You Girl’ mug.
  3. Then I add whatever berry combination I’ve left in the freezer (this week I happened to have fresh Pomegranate seeds, YUM!)
  4. And the most important step – I add a half table spoon of hot chocolate mix and follow it up with some milk.
  5. Then I’ll put this into the microwave for 1:30 and get started on my coffee.
  6. With my Groot Travel Mug, I just pop in a K Cup, and let it roll.
    *Note I’m trying to find a more sustainable K Cup solution, if anyone has any recommendations of reusable K Cups, let a girl know!*
  7. While the coffee is brewing, I’m literally just standing in front of it watching that glorious liquid drop into my Mug. It’s so friggen’ relaxing!
  8. The best thing is that my Oatmeal and Coffee finish up around the same time. I don’t know why, but it’s extremely satisfying.
  9. Once I mix up my oatmeal and add a splash of milk to my coffee, I head to a seating area at work that’s next to a big window.
  10. I place my stuff down and go to get my water bottle.

Routine Part 2: Fill my 33oz water bottle

This one is pretty self explanatory. But it’s the most important. After I put my coffee and oatmeal down, I fill up my giant green water bottle. This step is so important because if I don’t do it during my morning routine, I probably will forget to do for the rest of the day. I try to drink two full water bottles before the end of work, and this small step of filling it before I start work is the best way to make sure I do!

Routine Part 3: Write for 15-20 minutes

One of my favorite parts about our window seating area is I can bring my laptop and write. I have made it abundantly clear (in the nicest way possible) that when I am eating my breakfast and having my coffee, it’s basically as if I have DO NOT DISTURB written across my forehead.

I sit and drink my coffee and either work on a blog draft or start a new blog post, and it helps to get my creative juices flowing for the day!

Routine Part 4: Upload an Instagram Post

As much as I like to think that I can concentrate on writing for a full 15-20 minutes, let’s be real, it’s more like 10-15. Which leaves me about 5 minutes to add a new post to Instagram.

My boyfriend introduced me to VSCO, a super awesome photo editing app, and I upload a photo, add one of my presaved filters to it, and add a caption.

Once I upload it to Instagram, I know that my morning routine has ended. It kinda ties it up nicely with a bow. And I’m ready to get to work.


After that 20 minute morning routine, I always feel ready to take on the day. It’s something that actually acts as my morning meditation because I am not using any decision making brainpower. I am simply using creative brainpower.

And that charges me up for the day.


What does your morning routine look like?



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  1. “when I am eating my breakfast and having my coffee, it’s basically as if I have DO NOT DISTURB written across my forehead.”


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