My Capsule Wardrobe

Before my capsule wardrobe, I used to struggle A LOT with figuring out what to wear each morning. It would take me multiple outfit changes, a “Shit, I have nothing to wear, an existential crisis, and a few visits to Pinterest to finally get me ready for the day.

Some days I’d be obsessed with my outfit, and some days I’d look ‘meh’ at best.

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t look my best, I don’t feel my best.

And there were just some days when I didn’t have time or energy to look my best.

So I set out to change that.

I had read about something called a Capsule Wardrobe on LiveLoveSara’s blog. So I thought I’d take a whack at paring down my wardrobe.

Things I wanted to accomplish with a Capsule Wardrobe(for work):

  • Reduce clutter in my room
  • Reduce brainpower being used to choose my outfits
  • Love my #girlboss outfit

After many a months and years of cultivating an aptly titled “Outfitz” Pinterest board, I had a sense of how I wanted to take my wardrobe to the next level.

If you want to check out my Outfitz board, check it out here.


My Capsule Wardrobe (for work)

Now, I don’t have much of a “dress code” at work, but I do like to look put together for myself. My goal for my wardrobe was to strike a balance between comfortable, professional and a little edgy – and after much trial and error, I think I finally figured it out!

I love starting off my look with a fun graphic tee – something that makes me smile when I look at myself in the mirror! It helps to keep my outfit semi-fun, and pretty personal! Another great thing about a graphic tee is that I can pair it with pretty much any pair of pants I want!My Github Tee!

Github Tee!Then I add my FAVORITE high waisted skinny jeans from Charlotte Russe. I am not kidding when I say they are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. I sit criss-cross-applesauce in my desk chair and these babies stretch like a dream. AND THEY’RE ONLY $25?

You’re welcome.

I then choose a pair of classic shoes that are comfortable enough for me to work at my standing desk in for at least 2-3 hours at a time. This is why I choose either my Converse or my loafers! Both of these options look great paired with any combination of jeans and a graphic tee!

Lastly, to top off my look, I always add a fun blazer. I have a collection of about 5 blazers: Black, Grey, Hot Pink, Light Pink and Burnt Orange. I love adding a blazer because it really completes the balance I want to strike – comfortable, professional and a little edgy! Normally I will walk into the office with my blazer on, and once I’ve gotten into the swing of things at work, I’ll take it off until I have to go outside.


Here is my style formula as I like to call it. It helps me to guarantee that I look like a #girlboss


Here are the links to the clothes in the graphic above! Enjoy! This post is not sponsored.

Badass Blazers:

Top row: H&M Black Blazer $49.99 Buy Here

Bottom row: H&M Double Breasted Light Pink Jacket 49.99 Buy Here

Fun Graphic Tees:

Top row: Native Poppy Coffee + Flowers Tee $18 Buy Here

Bottom row: Native Poppy Wild Flowers Tee $18 Buy Here

Stretchy Skinnies:

Top row: Charlotte Russe Hi Rise Skinny Jeans Black $25 Buy Here

Bottom row: Charlotte Russe Hi Rise Skinny Jeans Dark Blue $25 Buy Here

Classic Shoes:

Top row: Susina Loafers $50 Buy Here

Bottom row: Converse Chuck Taylors $59 Buy Here

One of my favorite looks!

Not sure why I look so serious. LOL.


Do you have a capsule wardrobe for work? Comment below!


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