My Top Three $1 Coding Essentials

I spend about half of my day writing code, whether it be for work, for personal web projects or editing others’ code to make it nice and pretty. With that being said, I like to make sure that I have a clear head and am surrounded by things that inspire me!

I recently went to the Dollar Tree, bought a few goodies and wanted to share my Top Three $1 Coding Essentials:

1. Notebooks

What I really love about the Dollar Tree is that they have a plethora of notebooks all. for. a. dolla! They have cute AF designs, and are usually small enough to fit in my tiny backpack.

I love notebooks, I write my grand ideas in them, lose them, and then buy a few more.

When it comes to coding, I use Notebooks to:

  • Take notes on new code or features
  • Sketch out what I want my webpage to look like
  • Write ideas for future webpages
  • Diagram relationships between elements in my code

Pretty much every aspect of my coding journey has been written in a notebook, they help to keep my ideas organized and accessible!

2. Coffee Mugs

I’ve written about Brownie-In-A-Mug before, but this is not the time nor the post to discuss that (jk anytime is a good time for Brownies-In-A-Mug).

Similarly to notebooks, the mugs at the Dollar Tree have cute AF designs, and honestly nothing makes me more excited to code than to set up my workspace with my laptop and a mug of coffee or tea. It makes me feel legit and somewhat like an adult and I have no idea why.

When it comes to coding, I use Coffee Mugs to:

  • Store my pens/pencils
  • Contain life giving elixir, i.e. coffee
  • Create aesthetic pictures for Instagram when I want to take a break from writing code

Coding with fun mugs also make me feel like I’m working in a coffee shop and not in my pajamas on my couch.

3. Fuzzy Socks

Alright, this one may be a stretch, but I cannot emphasize how much I love to be comfortable when I am coding. My brain is working too hard to be distracted by too tight jeans or cold toes. The Fuzzy Socks at Dollar Tree are literally so cute. They make me feel warm and cozy and fit in nicely with my vibe of pajamas and blankets on the couch.

When it comes to coding, I use Fuzzy Socks to:

  • Increase mental bandwidth by removing exterior negative stimuli
  • Create jealousy inducing pictures for my Instagram stories
  • Skate across the hardwood floor in my house – exercise is good for the brain, ok?!

And there you have it. My Top Three $1 Coding Essentials. TBH I’ll probably write a few more of these, because not to be dramatic but I have about a zillion more Coding Essentials.

What are yours?!

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