Sliding into DM’s ft. Neural Networks

I know I write a lot about apps that use Machine Learning to make my life easier, but holy sh*t this one may take the cake.

This app has freed up at least 70% of my mental bandwidth.

It’s the reason I’ve been so productive at work! *cough* time for a raise *cough*

My body, mind and DMs bow down to the creator of Dango.

The only app who’s icon i’ve audibly awwww’d at.






And the app that uses Neural Networks to predict, yes I said predict


When your DM sliding success rate goes through the roof, you can thank me Dango.

You bet your 30+ year old arse that this thing will make your texts look and sound so LIIIIIT.







But really. WTF is a neural network? And can I get 10k followers on it?!

Apparently not.


Neural Networks are actually pretty cool technology – they’re the basis of machine learning, and artificial intelligence . They use patterns to learn and develop  networks of interrelated pieces of information. It’s based off of how our(minus the Real Housewives) brains work.

All you gotta do is feed the network data like you feed yourself after a crawling home from the bars at 3am.

And it’ll grow just like you.

A piece of data fed to the network is labeled to give the neural network a starting point to learn. The neural network then takes that piece of data, breaks it down into a bajizllion(sp?) pieces, pixels, etc. to compare to each piece to other pieces of information that have been fed into it. Then the network gets smarter & stronger. 

It’s f*cking nuts!!!

Google, Apple, probably? Amazon, etc. use Neural Networks to learn and predict what you want and need. But those are the lame applications of it.

TL;DR: S/O to the best application of neural networks this generation has and ever will see – Dango!

Read more about how they use Neural Networks here.

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