Mental Health

Mental Health Check In for Kids

I created this graphic for parents and adults to help them start a conversation with the kids in their life about mental health. The goal of this worksheet is to help adults come up with more fruitful questions than “how are you?”

Kids Mental Health Website

The following is a link to the very first website I created when I was a middle school teacher. I taught myself HTML and CSS to build this site from scratch and had the illustrations custom made for this project. My goal was to create a kid-friendly ABC’s of mental health!

Mind Matterz for Kids! (LINK)

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Coding Content (Instagram)

A few examples of coding content I create for my Instagram account.

Robot Worksheet (Kinder)

A warmup worksheet for kindergarteners to prepare for a robotics lesson.

Robot Lesson (Kinder)

This powerpoint is part of a larger robotics lesson for kindergarteners.

Engineering Challenge (Middle School)

This worksheet gives middle schoolers a chance to build boats with every day materials and reflect on the process of design and building.

Engineering Challenge – Thermal Energy (Middle School)

This worksheet acts as a cumulative lesson at the end of the thermal energy unit.

Cut and Paste Wireframing Design (K-12)

These worksheets are for people (of any age) to cut out and design a website by hand. Each section they cut out can be colored on and arranged to create their perfect website!

JavaScript: For Loop (Middle School)

This is a short introductory lesson to a JavaScript concept called a For Loop.

User Interface

Kids Art Website

Some of the UI I designed for a kid-friendly paint canvas.

General Worksheets

Social Media Project (Middle School)

This worksheet was designed as a partner or individual project during a social justice unit. Students were asked to create an imaginary platform to promote activism for a cause they cared about.

Instructional Blog Posts

Business/Corporate Learning