Simple Bullet Journal Ideas

I work for myself and sometimes I find that keeping my life and priorities organized can get overwhelming! I don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock and put on real human clothes, but I do. Because otherwise, I’d never leave my house. And because it helps me feel productive! Win win!

I’ve been looking for new strategies to change up my normal organization routine (read: Google Calendars and sticky notes galore), which led me to Pinterest.

One thing I’ve seen circulating Pinterest and that I’ve been wanting to try is something called a Bullet Journal. The concept is that you can track all sorts of things in your Bullet Journal – diet, mood, exercise, goals, money saving/spending, meal prep, etc.

I’ve even stumbled across people who track the hours they spend watching Netflix. That is one reality I’m not ready to face thing I don’t think I need to track!

So I did what I normally do when I have a new impulse. I headed over to the Japanese Dollar Store, Daiso. I had to get a practice bullet journal to see if it would actually work for me!

Introducing: My Bullet Journal!

Daiso: $1.50

Shoutout to Daiso for having super cute journals that I can test out a bunch of Bullet Journal ideas in!

Bullet Journals on Pinterest are a little intimidating because holy cow the people who create them are TALENTED. Their journals are BEAUTIFUL!

And let’s face it. Some of us are not blessed with the artistic gene. The extent of my artistic skills reaches to squiggly lines and stars. But you can bet your bottom that I’ve included tons of squiggly lines and stars in my version of my Bullet Journal.

My goal for my Bullet Journal was to make it stress-free in terms of design and layout. Simple lines and shapes are all I can manage, so these ideas are ones anyone can do!

Here are a few things I’ve started tracking that have helped to boost my productivity and keep me organized!

Bullet Journal Features

Daily goals

Daily Goals

Note: All you need is a ruler for this!

The first thing I’ve started tracking is my daily goals/tasks. Since I work on multiple projects, setting aside time for each of them is very important! I am also a creature of habit, so knowing that I have to do the same thing every day helps to take some of the mental load off, and I am able to focus much better.

I also like to track personal goals, because – BALANCE!

Each of my goals goes on a separate line. Then, I create a M-F check box, as well as a weekend Saturday/Sunday box!

Daily Work Goals

  • 2 hours per work project (x2)
  • 30 minutes on long term project

Daily Personal Goals:

  • 20 minutes checking in on my finances
  • 20 minutes of reading
  • 40 minutes of writing
  • 30 minutes of walking

One thing I love about tracking my goals in this way is that it helps to keep me accountable. If I miss something one day, I can make an extra effort to hit that goal the following day!


Bulet Journal Ideas

look at those squiggly lines!

This one is just for fun! Sometimes I worry that I forget fun experiences or books I’ve read, so this is a nice way for me to remember. I’ve created three categories:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Restaurants

I try to read two books a month, so this is a great way to hold myself accountable!

I’m going to try these three categories out for a few weeks, and then reevaluate! Tbh I may want to switch out Restaurants for Recipes because my bf and I cook much more than we go out to eat!

My first week’s entry!

Weekly agenda

Weekly Agenda

master star drawer over here!

I also include a space for my weekly agenda. All of my M-F big events for the week go here! Any appointments or meetings I have will go here, which makes it super easy to see what my week will look like!

Note: This is blank because I created this on Sunday morning – it’s ready to be filled in!

This setup also makes my whole Bullet Journal setup for the week fit nicely on one set of pages!

Weekly Tarot Pull


Tarot is super new for me – and I am loving it! Pulling a tarot card each day helps prompt me to reflect on where I am in life and where I want to be. At the beginning of the week (read: Monday) I pull a card that helps to give me a little extra direction for the week.

I write the name of the card at the top of my weekly goal list to be a constant reminder to be present and reflect on myself.

Mystic Monday Tarot Cards: Purchase Here!


Lastly, I’ve added space for any thoughts or quotes I like when reading or having conversations with loved ones. I have so many books with quotes that I tag, but never go back to! I’m hoping that leaving a space in my weekly planner will allow me to have a way to easily access anything I found powerful or thought-provoking.

Final Thoughts

I am really excited about the start of my Bullet Journal journey! It seems like something I can keep up with, if I don’t include too many components that I have to track.

What do you track in your bullet journal?! Comment below!

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