The ULTAmate game-changer ft. Machine Learning

I work dangerously close to an Ulta – which would be okay if I didn’t have an obsession with makeup.

And impulse control problems.

TBH once a week I return from my lunch break with empty hands and glitter covered arms.

Am I doing this right?



I glance at my arms and now glitter covered desk and ask myself:

Who am I?

What do I really want?

Am I really the best version of myself?

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.36.03 AM.png








One cup of lukewarm coffee and a few laps around the office later, and I think the heavens heard my glitter covered thoughts and prayers.

**insert angels singing**

Hello, Plum Perfect. You confusingly and ambiguously named app. You say you can recommend my perfect shades and colors of any type of make up my cold little heart could ever want?!?

Witchcraft, I say!

Is it possible that the color of my face makeup will finally match the rest of my body?!

Lol. #goals

Curiosity gets the best of me so I take a new selfie since I don’t have 200 from yesterday any and submit it on the app.

Machine Learning help a sister out!

“The patented recommendation has two components:

  • The rule-based recommendation engine which provides perfect product recommendations to the user based on the unique color and feature variables extracted from a photo.
  • The built-in machine-learning[!!] algorithm that allows the product recommendations to be trained[?!??] to the tastes of the user. This is amplified even further by automatically collating like photos and attributes.” Website Here

I’d now like to take a minute of silence to honor the goddess who created Plum Perfect and the machines that learn  and tell me which makeup I will


Er, I mean, work hard and accomplish my long and short term goals.

Finally, a practical use for Machine Learning!

As I bid a bittersweet farewell to my hard earned cash, I can’t help but thank technology for creating a gift that keeps giving:

my perfectly blended eyeshadow and extra AF glitter wings.


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