The Best Valentines Gifts For Tech Lovers!

Ahhh, Valentines Day. The day that can mean so many things to so many people. For some, it means figuring out if you even need to buy a gift because you haven’t quite DTR’d(Defined the Relationship)(lol i’m so hip), and for some, it means spoiling your loved one a little extra. No matter what your V-Day status is, these tech gadgets are the perfect gift for any tech lover in your life! So get ready to treat your S/O (or yourself because #selflove) for Valentines Day!

1. 3-D Printing Pen

The 3-D Printing Pen is the COOLEST gadget for anyone who is super creative or loves trying out new technology. Anything you can draw, you can create – but in 3-D! I’ve actually used this multiple times (at tech events and conventions) and loved it! It does take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you can create anything! So enjoy the excitement on your loved one’s face when they open up their new toy! Or, buy it for yourself and create your S/O a 3-D heart for Valentines Day!

3D Printing Pen: $49.99

2. You’re My Favorite Coffee Mug

Nothing says I Love You like having a daily reminder on your coffee mug! This glass mug is SO cute – both filled and on its own! I feel like I’d buy it for my S/O but then use it for myself because I am my favorite person borrow it from time to time! I’ve been really into glass mugs recently because there is something SO SOOTHING about watching milk swirl around in my coffee as I pour it in. It’s basically my version of meditation. And as a bonus, this mug comes in a super cute box!

You’re My Favorite Coffee Mug: $14.99

3. Gamer Heartbeat T-Shirt

This Gamer Heartbeat T-Shirt says it all. If I’m being honest, my ideal Friday night is playing something on the Nintendo Switch (Hello, Legend of Zelda!) or watching my bf play Fallout: New Vegas. It’s pretty lit. This t-shirt is PERFECT for anyone who loves to game, and tbh, I might just buy this shirt for myself! Show yourself or your S/O some love with this AWESOME heartbeat gaming t-shirt!

Gamer Heartbeat T-shirt: Price: $16.95

4. I Love U Cryptex

Most of us have read the DaVinci code, but let’s be honest – that’s not why we’re obsessed with Cryptexes. The real reason we love them is because we love Parks and Recreation – more specifically, we ship Ben and Leslie. So let’s visit one of the best episodes from that show:

Season 4 Episode 14

For those of you who don’t know, a Cryptex is a mini vault. It contains secret messages and can only be opened by twisting and turning the lettered discs to display a secret code. If you’re looking for the Leslie Knope level gift – this is it. Imagine the look on your S/O’s face when they open a Cryptex. A friggen‘ CRYPTEX! Ugh, it’s too cool.

Mini I Love U Cryptex: Price: $51.99

5. Mini Projector

This Mini Projector is a GAME.CHANGER, people! It turns your plain ole wall or ceiling into a movie theater! Goodbye, are the days of watching movies on laptops that will slowly but surely burn your legs. This Mini Projector allows users to hook up their phones/tablets/laptops, via USB, press play, and project any video/photo/music video/tv show onto ANY flat surface! Time to snuggle up with your S/O (or your pup) while you binge watch Netflix!

Mini Projector: $99.98

All of these gifts are perfect to buy for yourself or your S/O for Valentines Day! I know I will be hinting at a few of these come February 14th. Which gift idea is your favorite?!

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